Welcome to Afrobits!

Afrobits is a research project by the Printeractive Research Group at Liverpool John Moores University in collaboration with the Digital Humanities Hub at Lancaster University. One of the main objectives of this research project is to produce a wider understanding of the contribution of African cultures around the world through the exploration of sound and music. As a multicultural team, we aim to help decolonising narratives towards the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, the African Diaspora and the role that the Americas had in the evolution and development of such cultures when became in contact with the indigenous local cultures.

We originate the narrative from and to Liverpool using The Beatles as a common ground for dialogue. We highlight the role of Liverpool as the primary point that facilitated the slave trade around the world as a result of its maritime technical development. In the same way that such traces of the slave trade are present in modern Liverpool, and the music of the Beatles, we showcase the traces of musical instruments, beats, and local histories of the African tangible and intangible culture in modern music.