The Team

The Afrobits research team is comprised of a multicultural group of academics and practitioners.

Dr. Javier Pereda

Javier is a Web Scientist specialised on the impact of the Web in the Cultural Heritage sector. His work primarily focuses on facilitating the engagement with heritage Linked (Open) Data. In addition, he also investigates the role of Tangible User Interfaces, as the main pathway to enable the exploration of complex datasets.

Dr. Patricia Murrieta-Flores

Patricia is Co-Director of the Digital Humanities Hub at Lancaster University. Her work focuses on the role of data in Geography, History and Archaeology.

Dr. Nick Radburn

Nick is a historian based at Lancaster University. He has been working on the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. He helped produce the Slave Voyages database, that contains large datasets of the slave-trade.

Lois South

Lois is a Historian graduate from Liverpool John Moores University. She just recently started her Masters at UCL. She currently works with decolonisation in History and specialises in Slave Trade Studies, and Black Cultural Studies. She also has a super awesome blog called The New Weird, where she explores unusual approaches to History.

Chris Monaghan

Chris is a Designer and Illustrator graduate from Liverpool John Moores University based in the North West of the UK. He is currently freelancing for a wide range of commercial projects. His work features a wide range of skills from animation to illustration visualisations. Check him out on Instagram as @EatenAlliveIllustrations

Sean Tomley

Sean is a technician at Liverpool School of Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University. He specialises in the design and construction of wooden structures. His work at the Woodwork Studio at LJMU has been invaluable for students and staff alike.